Team registration at CodeChef

I am wondering weather i can change my Team’s name after registration and will i have to use the same team handle to participate in any contest at CodeChef which requires Team registration?

You can use different team handles for different contests. So not to worry !!
And you cannot change your team’s name once registered on a contest (not sure of it because never tried it but pretty sure it will not be allowed)

Check this once

Since I’m not allowed to ask a question yet, I’ll ask it here-
How do submissions for a team ID work?
Can every member of the team login to the ID on their own computer and submit or can the ID be open on only one computer?

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@vicennial Only one member of team can login through team-id at once regardless of the location and can submit the solution for the team.You can check all submissions made to a respective question by your teammates by login through your team id .

Also you can make submissions on behalf of your team while you are still logged in with your individual CodeChef account. This happens without your intervention, if your team is registered for the contest.

@agrocks23 Thanks!

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