tasks in a subtask

i am solving a problem in which only one subtask in given.in this i am getting AC for 2 tasks and WA for 6 task. someone please help me do solve this problem

what is the problem in that? The same type of subtask is being checked 8 times by the online judge with 8 different inputs, two of which are such that your code is able to solve that and the remaining 6 might be a bit tricky ; containing some tough edge cases.

Because of this you have AC verdict for 2 instances and WA verdict at remaining 6 For the same type of subtask

You should know that there is no problem with the online judge ; and the only conclusions you may draw from here is that your code is partially correct ; you must need to improve it fully so that it passes each and every messy case that are present in the remaining 6 instances…

Hope this helps…!!!

The judge checks for many different inputs in different tests. Since you are getting WA in the 6th Test, there may be some mistake in your logic or your implementation. A program only gets AC when it passes all test files.

Please share a link to the problem and a link to your code so that I may be able to help you in finding the mistake.