Tabulation vs Memoization for dp

In dp, there are two approaches : Recursion with memoization(top-down) and tabulation(bottom-up). So the thing is I am not able to get the intuition behind the tabulation but I am still able to build a recursive solution and then apply memoization to it. So,

  1. Will recursion with memoization get me through all the problems(Without TLE) or are there any problems(constraints) where tabulation approach only passes?

  2. How do you build the tabulation intuition? In some of the cases that I tried, I usually try to convert the recurrence to a tabulated approach and fail in doing so if there are lot of state parameters in the recurrence? Is my approach wrong or I need to think harder?

Although recursive is easier to understand and code it has its own cost i terms of time and space. Iterative solutions are always better than recursive in complexity analysis. I have solved some problems which on change to iterative have given me AC from TLE though can’t remember now which were they(will update when i find them). I suggest you start practicing Tabulation from easier problems and the problems you have already solved recursively. I think you have just started dp and practicing from beginning is the best. And also use as little parameters as possible in recursion as in most conversions you have to iterate and do the same things you are doing in recursion