Surprise Language Contest: An invitation!

"Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us." - Boris Pasternak

Hey coders!
Are you ready for something challenging? Something adventurous? This year, FLUXUS - IIT Indore & Programming Club, IIT Indore are introducing a new type of contest: the Surprise Language Programming Contest. Here, unlike a regular programming contest, you will only be able to use one language, which will be announced 15 mins before the contest. So be ready to compete, you might even learn a whole new language along the way!

Contest link:

Do share it with your friends who are interested :smiley:

Further, we’ll be announcing a list of 10 languages three days before the contest on our Facebook event page, out of which one will be the language in the contest.

Exciting prizes & T-shirts awaiting!

Finally, don’t forget to register at as Prizes are only applicable to users with a Fluxus-ID

For more details / contact details, visit:

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