Summer vacation utilization

I’m a 2nd year CSE student.I haven’t done anything in development. I spent my two years in Competitive coding. I just want to know what should i do in my 3 months summer vacation in development area ?


Most trending technologies or concepts right now in the world are machine learning and AI. You can do courses in Udacity or Coursera or any other MOOC platforms. I did some courses on these topics which were very useful and fun. If these topics seem boring to you, you can try web-development or android development.

Trending languages to learn:-
Python would be very useful in future. So, if you don’t know how to code in python, learn it. Machine learning uses a library called sci-kit learn in python. If you take online courses they will teach you in two different languages python and R. I would suggest going with python.

I would like to suggest to implement your past two years learning using technology like java or python in the form of project.
this would be beneficial for you in the upcoming years ans refresh your concepts as well.