Suggestions for ideone ..important for improvement

1)I think that Ideone should not make it’s code public

2)There should be a cumpolsory option of username and password for ideone which should be logged in with the username and then only ideone can be opened so that the codes are never public.

3)Before every problem statement the first line should be written that if you are using ideone then make it private , a link should be provided so that they can open ideone page and make their codes private

4)codechef should request ideone to make automatically the codes private

5)sometimes deserving persons are not selected because someone else copies code from ideone and gets selected in may contests like acm-icpc , snackdown ,etc.

  1. Why is it reported here? IDEONE and codechef are headed by different authorities.
  2. Codechef cannot do anything for ideone’s policies and vice versa.
  3. ideone was never created for you to run competitive coding codes. Its made for altogether different reasons and has no reason to change its policies.
    4)Those teams should use offline ide or codechef ide. Its there for a reason.
  4. Already warned people to make code private in contest rules. After that, we owe no liability, because if the contestant isnt reading rules, he deserves no leniency.