@admin It would be good to insert editorials links inside the problem page itself. It will be easier for users to access the editorials for the particular directly at the problem page itself instead of searching in Codechef discussions page, though only few problems have links at the problem page.

The editorial links are attached it the problem details.

This is a big change you are suggesting. They have to do a lot of hard work to implement this change. I think there’s no need of this change as long as CodeChef has tags feature, you want may17 editorials, go ahead and search for the may17 tag, you’ll get all problems, editorials and discussion threads related to May Challenge 2017.

And one more thing, suppose if you are facing any problem in any editorial and you left a comment with your problem, what if no one checks that out. But now whatever you’ll post will go directly to CodeChef homepage and everyone will notice that.

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