Suggestion to Include No of contests participated.

I feel that it would be nice if Codechef adds this extra feature .

Below the graph of Codechef Rating( Combined ) , No of Rated Contests Participated: x gets displayed. It would be another interesting Stat and it is also displayed on other platforms. So would be nice if Codechef too have it.


It shows the list of all the contests u partitcipated in and also in the graph it shows all the rated contests. You can just count the number of dots.


Yes , I know that it can be done manually by going through the dots. But it would be good if Codechef explicitly mentions this figure like HackerRank or CodeForces . Since we are constantly growing, lets also have this feature.

And, its not always comfortable counting the dots : E.g. Have a try at counting the dots of this user: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah u r right. Codechef should have this feature.

Nice idea. We’ll try to get this done in the next iteration.