Suggestion to improve karma system

Hi all,

Changes were made to karma system 2 years ago , but it has certain things which in my view should be changed.

People with 1 karma aren’t allowed to ask questions. Now may be admin want to stop spam questions by doing this but it stops many new users from asking questions , which should be allowed.

If you agree please comment …

@admin Please look into it.

Hey Shubham, For such requests, you can send a direct email to us rather than posting it here. Such activities could be deemed as karma farming and might put your account under scanner.

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Oh ok. I was unaware of it. Will refrain from it in future.

Hi sir,

   I think we can put those account which want to ask the question in scanner and then you can treat them individually or whole those are interested.

Can I be upvoted please? Need to ask a question to clear some doubts. thanks!

@admin I think everyone should start with 3-5 Karma points and if they don’t get good feedback, their points should be decreased. Spammers can be separated from others in this way more efficiently.