Suggestion to deal with Spammers

Hello guys!

Since I few days, we all are seeing quite too many spam posts here. I mean, look at first page, (as of now, more than 5 old threads came on first page due to spam posts).

Generally these posts have links to websites related to writing or roses or etc.

What I suggest: If its implementable, then I would like to suggest that it should require at least 3 karma to insert a link (outside codechef) in your answer.

My reasoning - Since every post has a link to some spam website, if disable their answers containing a link (inserted via link feature or typed manually) then these answers should stop…atleast for the time being! [I think if we check for “www.” &etc then its easily implementable…]

Also, It shouldn’t sabotage genuine people much, as people mostly at 1 karma will still have many ways to earn karma, and just barring them from giving links should not hinder their karma earning. (that’s why I set limit to 3 - Any upvote and you are in. If its 3 karma to ask a Q, then linking is of way less significance. Of course, I agree that many times, or many people got first upvote due to links in their answer, but that fraction is small…I feel that gain v/s pain ratio is good enough. Your thoughts?)

Of course! Perhaps some of us have better suggestion or can improve this one, and that’s why I created a thread. Please guys, suggest something!


Don’t worry i have already send an email to codechef related to this severe issue… And i think they have been start working on this important issue.

We will soon come up with new karma version of this i hope!

Ya, even I was about tos end a mail. I thought its better to consult others/take their opinions as well.