Suggestion to add Fidget Spinner as a goody

I finally got some Laddus, so I headed to the Codechef store and suprisingly there are only 2 items that can be got for under 2000 Laddus (Excluding the pen that costs 1000, pretty sure no one would get it)!

As programmers, I think we tend to get fidgety while thinking for a solution to a problem. And since they are trending, it would be great to have a fidget spinner with a giant “Codechef” written on it. #ShowOff

Any Opinion on it?


Nice suggestion mate, they are getting more and more popular now a days, almost everyone talking about them on social, I hope @admin considers it :smiley:

I think you should rather mail them regarding your suggestion.

+1 for that pen comment. I mean, SERIOUSLY? 1000 laddus for a pen? I use and throw ten pens a day XD


That’s a Parker you are talking about. Or you really throw tens of them a day?


Pun intended i think :stuck_out_tongue:

T-shirts still remains out of stock.When can we expect them to be back?

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But that requires two hands ! one to hold and one to spin it. I would like something to fidget with my left hand while i surf using my mouse in my right :). And really some cool accessories like bracelets, or dog tags with “codechef” and badges maybe?

@admin I have enough laddus for a T-shirt but it is out of stock . Also I have the codechef water bottle and a pen for 1000 laddus is say a bit say costly. So i request codechef to get some T-shirts or introduce some new goodie for less than 1000 laddus.