[Suggestion] testing page for testing different cases.

At the time of contests, it would be great if we can test our test cases against the working code, that would give a better understanding of the problem.

Sometime it is too confusing by just considering the sample test case or if some test case is correct as per our code, so if we can test custom test cases against the correct code, so that we can be sure about our approach and would be easier to debug.

for this there can be a different page (linked to every problem) where user will only be able to get the output by giving input, other than input and output nothing else will be provided.

you can generate your own test cases using rand() function in c, c++;
its quite easy to use and saves alot of time once u learn it…
jst spare 10 min with this vid and ull b good to go…

you can check how to code with rand() to take random input here http://ideone.com/d6YmAP , this code of mine can generate a test case of as many as 5000 entries .hope this helps:)

@rb08 >> I think he(the_run) wants to say that there should be a specific page for each problem where he can enter some custom test case and get the correct output(produced by some back-end accepted(AC) code, which isn’t available to the user).

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freeman92: yeah that is what i am saying. do you think that is a good suggestion ?