[Suggestion] Sort successful submissions on the basis of running time.

Earlier when submissions were sorted on the basis of running time(primary) and memory used(secondary), it was very easy to view the most efficient solutions as the best ones were on the first page.

Recently, the system was changed. The column for running time was removed and a new score column was added. Score became the primary basis of sorting, and memory used secondary. This made it very difficult to find the most efficient solutions. There are thousands of solutions with score 100, so score doesn’t help. When I check solutions with least memory taken, I find that they are quite inefficient in terms of running time. It may be just me, but I don’t care about memory used, as long as the solution is efficient in terms of running time.

I suggest we bring back the column for running time. We can then sort by score(primary), running time(secondary), and memory used(tertiary). The best solutions will be back on first page again for us learn from them.


The best solutions are still available on “ALL SUBMISSIONS” Page of that problem.Just click on “Time” and it will be sorted

For example for XORSUB problem of DEC14,AC solutions according to time are at this

However, what you are suggesting is true and column for timing should be included on the first page itself.

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But there it is not possible to sort by result (score)…


Er, yeah. There is a slight problem that the fastest solutions are wrong. I need a way to view fastest solutions which are AC for all test cases.

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yeah that’s true if you sort according to time resulting page contains (most probably) the solutions which are fast but fails to score 100 points…

We need a tab to sort the codes according efficiency as well which have scored 100 points…

@asif_mak, as your mentioned link contains the fast running code but they scored only 30 points.

I personally think best solutions are the ones which are well-commented and easy to understand. These are the ones that should be on top.

Any way to sort submissions with 100 points only?