Suggestion: Remove Successful Submissions Column

On a problem page, there is always this box on the right which lists out the best submissions for the problem. I find it out of place here, and it reduces the width of the problem statement. Maybe the text size could be increased a little, and the problem statement spread out with the space that remains.

I don’t know how everyone else feels but to me it just feels clunky and annoying. Maybe this width of the problem statement really might be optimal.

Also, if we do have something on the right, wouldn’t My submissions or a Submit box be more useful? I’d rather prefer more width to the problem statements and increased text size though.

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Not at all. It’s always interesting to see how fast can the problem be solved, and in the early stages, to see which users (if any) solved the problem, to possibly further estimate the difficulty. I certainly don’t mind it there.

It’s only out of place in the easiest problems, with hundreds of submissions with 0.00s time and sorted only by basic allocated memory of the programming language.

What problem statements lack isn’t width (it’s about the same as in any printed document), just occasional stylistic/grammar mistakes. Also, I don’t like reading large fonts - I prefer to look at text as a whole.

No, your other suggestions are worse. There is no point in occasionally glancing at a large chunk of white space, which you only use occasionally, and little in glancing at the list of your submissions (the results of which you probably remember quite well, unlike other’s results and best times).

Finally, there are ways to work around what you want: I’m sure your browser can zoom in the page. If you want larger text, there’s nothing simpler than this :smiley:

EDIT: Possibly a better suggestion (catering to the needs of more users) would be a profile option / checkbox to hide the right side box or replace it by some other box. Dunno if it’s simpler to do, though.


I don’t really know what disturbs me about it. Zoom does not make me feel any less uneasy about it. That is why I thought that box must me what is annoying me. And possibly the proportion of text size and width.

The only reason I suggested increasing text size is because I felt that if the box were removed, problems would start looking like 1-line paragraphs. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I really like looking at my past submissions frequently in disbelief. XD

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Haha. Yeah, but a “My submissions” box that covers any other than your best/newest submissions is likely to get littered with many failed ones. And if you want to look at some old submissions, that probably isn’t the best place to put it.

If you don’t want to zoom in (btw browsers should be able to “remember” the zoom option to some extent), it’s more of a matter of personal preference, and that’s not a reason to change anything at the site.

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