Suggestion : Official Video editorials

Won’t it be great if codechef takes out official video editorials after every contest ? We all know that video tutorials are great when it comes to understanding. Many students (including me sometimes :P) don’t read the editorials owing to laziness. Video editorials will be a great way to impart knowledge to everyone. It will be a huge success i suppose!

What say @admin ?

Friend, Video editorials take a lot of effort plus time to be made. I don’t think we should add this much workload to problem editorialists when the purpose can be served by written editorials.

Although, as you said that written editorials tend to be boring, there can be the suggestion of adding pictures, diagrams for explanation.

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I have never understood the craze for video editorials. A well written editorial is without any doubt better than a video editorial. From the editorialist’s side, making a video editorial is much more time-consuming than a written editorial. From a learner’s side,

  1. I can read any written editorial 3 times by the time I will finish watching the video editorial.
  2. I can jump between parts of a written editorial much more easily than in a video editorial.
  3. When implementing the solution, I can keep the written editorial open next to my code and easily follow it. It is much more cumbersome to pause and play again and again with a video editorial.
  4. A written editorial requires less memory, so it is easily accessible and portable compared to a video editorial.

I, for one, do not see the need to have official video editorials. Of course, you might disagree with me :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also found a related thread here from March. @gkcs mentions 2 reasons why CodeChef does not have official video editorials.

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True, they are time taking but won’t the effort worth it ?
If not for all the contests, at least for Long challenges i think it sounds a good deal! Imagine a curated list of videos which you can watch anytime anywhere without getting disturbed by your surroundings. Reading a lengthy editorial requires great concentration and focus which might not be available every time!

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Despite the reasons mentioned by @gkcs i strongly feel that once it is implemented, they will surely benefit a large group of people to a great extent! Written editorial is like reading a book whereas video editorial will serve the purpose of a teacher. If books could explain everything then do you think there would be a necessity for a teacher ? :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with your analogy. I agree that having a teacher is better than reading from books. Similarly, discussing a problem with someone who understands the solution well is much better than reading the editorial. But that is only because it is interactive. A video editorial lacks that interactivity. It is neither as good as a teacher nor as convenient as a written piece.