Suggestion for improving Codechef

  1. for WA’s : you can show the no of test files it passed/failed.
  2. for TLE : how much input file was traversed by the code or output generated before the problem exceeded the time limit. I know this is hard to implement as you probably just check the hash of the answer files with the generated output but it can be of great help as you can see if you are going the wrong way or the code just needs smaller modifications. I know generating your test cases is a good idea but it doesn’t work many times even if you use Sphere engine like in ideone as times vary a lot.

For #2, you could give time spent per test case along with a range of runtimes of accepted solutions, so you can get an idea how close your solution is to passing.

For example:

test case #1: range 0.02-0.18, your time 0.25

test case #2: range 0.11-0.50, your time 0.89

test case #3: range 0.22-0.98, your time (time limit exceeded).

I have suggestion to make improvement in codechef site…

  1. After any contest such as monthly,cook-off,lunch-time , the algorithm used for particular problem should be included or mentioned or explained in details. (because sometime editorial is not enough)

  2. Atleast hints for first two problems in long challenge should be mentioned such as like sorting or searching algorithm is required i.e only 1/4th solution of problem should be given as hint i.e algorithm.
    This would encourage youngster or the new people who started coding in codechef. It will increase the curiosity and will gain interest among new ones.

  3. for problems like tie breaking question in long challenge,to prepare for those type of question a seperate page should be opened to train or make people to aware of it if and only if u are interested in making people learn this.

  4. Codechef conducts long challenge which includes all 10 different types of algorithm to be used to solve a what i m suggesting is a page where we can learn all the particular algorithms required to solve future problems in long challenge.(basically u get a idea to deal with that particular type of question rather than being in dilemma during the contest time)

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I too have something to say,
I wish it showed expected and obtained outputs so that the mistakes can be easily corrected.

For example, for certain cases,we might have to show the output as “Yes”.
But we end up with the output “yes”.
Without knowing that there is a mistake with the case,we end up wasting too much time.

It would be better if we could see the testcases in PRACTICE questions.


Please load code editor on same page of problem. It will be lot easier to see conditions while solving problems.

There must be some points or laddus for practice section problems to motivate people to solve them.


you can go codechef Ide page and select problem there. This way you can see problem and code editor at same page.
go to this link

Select problem there, and write code there itself.
I hope this is solution for looking for on each page.
here you can select any problem.

Happy coding

like hackerrank…!

this is never gonna happen bro…!!


I think color of partially solved problem should be changed, yellow text on white background is unreadable.

Give a beginner chance to ask 1 question

this is never gonna happen bro…!!

somebody please upvote me , i have questions to ask
thank you

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It’s really helpfully discussed. Thank you for the great post.