Suggestion: Custom testing for codechef

Just like we have custom testing for codeforces, why can’t we have something similar for codechef also?

This will solve the problem of ideone leaked solutions and will also be very helpful. :smiley:

Just my suggestion.


No, this will NOT solve the problem of Ideone leaked solutions. At least not unless the custom testing provides an interface equal to or better than that of Ideone. Namely, it’d need the ability to save and organize different codes that you could have. Without this, you can’t work on more than 1 problem, and Ideone (or local coding) is still necessary.

And I doubt it’d be used often, compared to Ideone. Local testing is mainly useful in case you want to check how your solution would work precisely on the testing machine, so it’s useful, but hardly enough to get on top of the TODO list of Codechef. Which is large at this point - starting with fixing the testing of esotheric languages (I found myself unable to use readf() in D here) and continuing with better English and more solid test cases.


It’s not just about the cheating cases. Personally the main reason why i choose ideone over desktop compiler/editor is that i can skip inputting the same input repeatedly and i guess there are many others who choose ideone for the same reason. Had it been codeforces,i always check the output there itself in the custom testing.
We need not have a system as complex/dedicated as ideone. But providing a basic custom testing will be really helpful. Cheers. :smiley:

this would certainly be very useful.

in addition to solving the Ideone leaked code problem (albeit not completely), Custom Test feature would also allow us users to test solutions whose runtime is close to the time limit. this will ensure that coders with correct algorithm, but requiring small optimizations (example: TLE with cin and cout, but AC with scanf and printf), do not get “unfair” penalty due to TLE.

This would be very helpful.
It would prevent cheating as well as give a real feel of codechef platform,and would also be helpful to
“my code is perfectly working on my machine why not on codechef” :smiley:

If you are inputting the same input repeatedly, you are doing it wrong. Save the input once in a test file and read from the file.

^ I do the same thing when i’m in ubuntu.I use codeblocks in windows, if there is such alternative for windows, I’d be happy to know.