Suggestion :-- codechef must start providing input test case file

with input file, it would be better for programmers to check where their solution fail.
It would save a lot of time of programmers .

PS:- answer appropriately if it should be there or not,if not then why ?


i agree… coz at times its frustrating…


if not all at least provide more sample test cases having more than single iteration.

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i think test cases should be provided along with the editorial.

i think they should have no problem in providing the test file which they run to check the solution
with some test cases , programmer wont be able to see where its solution fails correctly

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orr they should tell the percentage of the test data correctly qualified. It will help also. as hackerank provides. :\


Suggestion :-- check if threads with your topic already exist, if they do, then write in one of them instead of making another one


I feel test cases should not be provided because of the following reasons

  1. First of all if people come to know the testcases they might try to hardcode some testcases where their algorithm is not working and it will basically remove the essence of corner cases.
  2. Secondly not providing test cases will test how confident you are of your algorithm… Say you get a wrong answer . If you know the testcase where it is failing it is easy to fix either your algorithm or your code but if you don’t know the testcase where its failing then you will be in a dillema whether you have coded the right algorithm wrong or the coded the wrong algorithm itself.

i dont think corner cases fails because of algorithm they only fail due to range of data types or other syntactical mistakes coder have in their code. i believe if not test case file codechef can atleast provide us the expected and resulted output on which our code fails.

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I think you are talking about test cases after the contest gets over,if u r thinking otherwise the very purpose of contests would be over…wouldnt everybody get AC’s then…how will you differentiate whether an algorithm has been used of output shown directly…i think codechef just matches the correct output file and file created by the code submitted(if m nt wrong)

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