[Suggestion]: Add some diversity in solution codes given in Editorial

As of now, the editorials of all the contests here consists of Author’s, Tester’s & Editorialist’s solution which are almost everytime in C++!

I think there should also be an Official solution by all or some of them in Other popular languages too,i.e, Python, Java etc…

As these languages are considered to be Slow{i don’t believe so & they have separate Judging criteria too}, Providing an official solution for the same question and running it in the given time, might encourage people to use these languages too and remove this misconception!

There are some tweaks that are language specific and which can be used efficiently if properly used! Thus, providing an official solution might help the beginners!

I think that this should be implemented. Need your Support!


As these are considered to be Slow{i don’t believe so},


Well, they actually take more time t solve the question, and time limit is hence adjusted for every language by providing a suitable multiplier. If i am not wrong, some version of python (cant recall the version) is almsot 10 times slower than c++ and is given 10x the allowed time for the question.

Every language has its pros and cons. Not everyone of them operate at same speed.

On your suggestion, yes, i like it. Many of the school students learn java as a part of syllabus, while in college they move to C and C++, and other languages depending on need. A diversity in language will always be appreciated and will allow the solution to be conveyed among the community effectively. Additionally, users knowing multiple language can prefer looking at the solution which is best given.

Also, a side suggestion - please try to minimize use of macro definition in official solution. Although i havent checked recent uploaded ones, you guys must have seen that in some cases there are ALOT (like over 30?) lines of macro definition (and perhaps just 20-25 line of actual code…). They use of too many macro definition makes it hard to understand, and repels readers (especially those who dont know C++)