Suggested Readings and Algorithms for Challenge problems

I participated in 4-5 long contest out of which in previous few contest i found that problems except challenge problem (top 4-5 easiest or more) can be solved using trees, graphs, dp, greedy, combinatorics, etc – etc, but whenever i look Challenge problem editorials and solutions it seems that there is something new here.

In November Contest in the editorial of problem SPELL, @dpraveen (Tester and Editorialist of problem SPELL) mentioned that @mugurelionut applied N-gram model, other top rankers used Trie,

In December Challenge in the editorial of Problem KALKI it was mentioned that prerequisites are Graph, Trees, Approximation, Ad-Hoc radio networks,

being a novice i really don’t know about trie or radio networks, etc.

SO could anyone please mention some suggested readings and basic algorithms for such kind of problems so that at least i as novice can learn them from low level and try to implement it…!

Thank You…!
good article :slight_smile:

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here you go

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bro thanks but can you please tell me the proper sequence to study those algorithms,

I tried reading algorithms but the problem is that my basics are not cleared, so i need a proper sequence to learn the algorithms as i cannot just jump on learning an algorithm without knowing the prerequisites required to learn that algo, and for challenge problem one must have a clear knowledge about the algo he/she is implementing.

And this is the biggest problem i faced on the thread link you mention that is is not organized properly…!!

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may be this will help

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