Suggest new features you think should be added to CodeChef ?

Direct link to Contest times for all timezones

In the page where all contests are listed (, it would be good, if you could make the times (start time and end time of each contest) hyperlink to so that it shows you the times for all timezones.

One can of course find the timezone if we go to the homepage of the particular contest. But, that is a two-click process. If Codechef could support this as well, it will be a one-click process, which we all would like.

I never thought about this, when I was back in India. But now, I moved abroad, and it is a bit difficult to keep sync with IST. I mess up the timings almost every time, now.



In fact, all times are shown in IST. So, wherever time appears, a hyperlink as above would be helpful.

Have you guys faced an issue where after submitted solution is tested , we hit the browser back button and the solution gets submitted again. I am not 100% sure but browser back button had some issues.

I would also like input and output using functions like topcoder. (Although I don’t know why many competitions still use the std i/o.)

Something to borrow from HACKERRANK, show which test-cases failed with their times without actually revealing the output.