Suggest new features you think should be added to CodeChef ?

@betlista >> When did I say that long contest needs to be shortened? No, it shouldn’t be. 2 weekends is just the ideal time a working guy would want, and also good for us, busy students. Regarding short contests, yes there are SRMs, Codeforces’ ones, but 2 cook-offs can be arranged accordingly with respect to those contests, not a big deal I guess. I just wanted to practice more in the given shorter period of time. Long Contests develop “idea implementations”, Short Contests develop “fast implementations”. Thats what I felt after failure in GCJ 2013. One line: more practice in 2.5 hours period


After getting my ass kicked so badly at a university competition yesterday, I can’t help but to agree with bugkiller… I believe that there’s a point in ones training where the only little thing you need to do to improve again is to put yourself under the knife… And there’s nothing better than a cook-off for that imo :slight_smile:


@bugkiller I’m just commenting the post with the most votes, idea about 2 Cook-off’s is here several times also suggesting to make long contest shorter, so I just wrote my two cents. I agree that competing is a lot better than just practicing, but there are other contest pages, you can try CodeForces, UVA, TopCoder (but I recommend just TopCoder).

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@betlista >> Oh I thought you might have mistaken the shortening of long contests from some other answer here into my answer. Anyways, and yes in TopCoder SRMs, I thought to try my hands there once I can solve >= 3 problems here (or at Codeforces) easily (within 2 hours). That means after my semester examinations. Human’s inherent tendency to oppose the change, what can I say more :confused:

Yes as @betlista said, when a team contest is going on, then ideally all the team-mates have to be at one place sharing just one machine (to code), that is why multiple logins are not allowed and it throws you out if you do so from another IP address.

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@betlista @bugkiller well that’s a valid argument:) but codechef is becoming famous for its superb contests, editorials & active discussions. And how often does codechef really hold a team event? probably once or twice a year? but single events are 2 a month, makes it 24 a year! so which should be given preference? moreover, if there is a team event people will have to register under ONE team name,and then allow only one IP per team at a time, wont that solve it? i really wish i could comment this same thing from my cell as well,instead of having to turn on laptop and waste a lot of time :/:stuck_out_tongue:


sorry if i dont make sense to some of you. but its just a suggestion coz it wil help a lot of us! :slight_smile: waiting for @admin to throw some light on as to why this isnt possible :slight_smile:

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@sunny_patel >> but multiple logins will be unfair, I tell you how:
In cook-off if person X manages to take a friend with him (say Y) and then they plan in such a manner that X will solve first 3 problems and Y will solve the last 2, say. And they will login from different locations obviously, and they will match the timings so that you can’t doubt on the submissions. Then isn’t it unfair for the contests that way? That way Dzhulgakov might have a tough competition :smiley:

If we have solved any question & after many day we try to solve the same problem. So, on problem page, it must be written that this questions is solved. And if in one attempt we are unable to solve the problem then rejected submission code should be on problem page for hints.

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for your first query pls go through this…

I’d like to ask something here. :slight_smile:

The ranklists pages should be 100%-wide.

Example of annoying table with scrollbars :

The problem here is we can’t easily navigate into that pages.

Adding the possibility to split it into several pages would be perfect, but the priority is in the width, i think.

Thanks !


Something like this chrome extension would be nice. I don’t want to use chrome but this extension is just so fantastic.

Knowing which of the test cases failed would be great. The info may be passed on to us after the end of the competition if that helps maintain a level playing field?

now, it’s available for FF too :wink:

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Now you can see problems solved by you in contests as well as practice section.

After login, visit , go to the category you want and see the problems solved by you in green color with a tick mark. (works for the contests)


its not something huge…during short contests the site becomes awfully slow…and it sometimes affects the performance too…2-3 cookoffs back site crashed for about 20-30 minutes…now some ppl had opened the problems while i could not…so the ranks went all haywire…if this can be rectified…its one of the best coding sites around…i hope this can be arranged…

While I would appreciate more Cook-Offs per month, if that comes at the cost of quality of the problem set, then I’d rather have one good contest per month than 2 mediocre ones.


@abhijeetpandey Are you sure you are not having any extensions installed? Because, there hasn’t been any official information given out on this from codechef, AFAIK (please correct me if I am wrong).

@tijoforyou Codechef has launched their own problem marker. You can see about it on facebook. Questions you have solved are highlighted in green font and have a small tick in front of them

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Yep! Got it! :slight_smile: