SUBWAY Editorial not available

The editorial of the problem Subway Ride (Problem Code: SUBWAY) of JULY18 has not been made available. When will it uploaded?

I think this problem required HLD.
we need to put the weight of the edges in a set for a particular edge. If any of the two adjacent set is more than 2 then the cost function increases by 1, else if the set sizes are 1 then we need to check the contents of the sets and increase the cost function accordingly

I don’t know when official editorial will be posted. But LCA + DP would give you AC.

Hint :

Even though there are multiple edges of different colors between two nodes you can prove that it is enough to maintain only 3 different color edges.
LCA is Lowest Common ancestor (Video For learning LCA)

Still, If you want to read some nice explanation then read this Comment. It is nicely explained.

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Thank you!