Submitted code within 2 minutes.

I wonder seeing this ranklist of Feb Cook-Off 2014. All it wonders is how can someone code for a problem within 2-3 minutes of start of the contest.

It takes at least 2 minutes in reading the question with such descriptive problem statements. They need to see how the input format is given and then they got to start coding. How could it be possible making such a short time?

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@vinayawsm : I was ranked 31 in the same ranklist . I also had have correct submission in 2 minutes 49 seconds . The problem required only to read two numbers and output their max followed by space followed by sum of two numbers .

You can say one minute to read the problem . One minute to understand the solution .

And the final time to write code .

Perhaps the person who wrote in 2 minutes understood it even faster .

About how to write code in a minute . I keep 5 five prepared files for the cook-off , which has code in commented form for reading “two numbers” , reading “three number” , reading “n numbers” from a line and for reading “number of test cases” so that i can work faster .


Someone solved Problem A of GCJ 2013 Round 1C at 1:58.


Oh so you don’t read to all the description(story :p) of the problem but just observe the sample test cases? And that’s good idea of keeping files for reading inputs. It helps for short contests. Thank you.

That’s really amazing. But strange as well. That question was something that needs some time to read and understand.

not strange. comes with practice. You can see a lot of such examples on codeforces. Or you can watch some screencasts of Petr or Egor on YouTube solving some contests. You can get to know how quickly they decipher the problem and code.


they are great!! those videos shows how practice makes perfect and gets us depth into coding.