Submition Result evaluation not completing

Hi all,

I am trying to solve the is question as a practice question , but when I submit the result keeps on being evaluated for ever. Am i missing out anything here??
Is code not judged during practice??..or is it normal to take so much time…its been a good 10 mins. If there was something wrong with the code , it should have given TLE, but it does not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@mightymosquito : You can always go the “My Submissions” page and see how you did . The reason why you see it running for a long time is probably that connection with server was lost or there were too many other submissions happening at the same time leading to queuing . You can go to the “My Submissions” page from the problem page itself . It is near the “Submit” button on the top .

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I did go there, but it does not show any submission running , nor evaluated. I am thinking the judge might be down. I’ll probably try sometime later.

Thanks for the quick reply.

yes @mightymosquito you are right i am also experiencing the same thing. I have tried 2 distinct questions both just keep on evaluating and do not even show up on ‘My Submissions’, is there some problem with the judge? Or something we need to do from our side?

We were facing some technical issues, due to which you were not able to submit solutions to problems. It has been fixed now and you can submit now. If you still face any issue do write to us at