SUBMIT Button not working!!

@admin : I am not able to submit my code for any problem. Any issue?


Yeah, I have the same problem…

same prob…

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same prob…

Its working.

Alternatively, you can try

UPD: As the website is being tested these days you all are aware of this. There might be a few issues now and then, which they should know (this one is a big issue) and its good that you people are making admins aware of the issues (even few smaller ones). So please have patience, it might take time.
If you’re too curious, then admins had said that during the testing phase, if you find any bugs you can inform at or You can send a mail, that will notify them quickly as compared to here, where they have to search for it.


same here…@admins pls look into the problem!!!

the code is not getting submitted!!!

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same here.

yes, submit not working :frowning:

submit code file and paste code option both not working…

same problem

me too… was working fine yesterday :frowning:

Hi, Please bear with us. We are looking into this and making a fix for this ASAP.

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@admin In mozilla firefox the submit button is working fine.

Whereas in Google Chrome the submit button at the problem page is working but the Submit button at the submit button is not working.

So guys try and fix the bug ASAP.

@all It’s really nice to see so many people informing about the bug they encounter. Really glad to see such an initiative/responsibility taken up by the fellow coders.




The issue is with Chrome. Try Firefox, while we are fixing this. Regret the inconvenience.

Update: This has been fixed. Please refresh your browser cache and report any persisting issue to


Hi guys, We have made a fix for this issue. This issue was due to a Javascript code which failed to work as expected in Chrome browser. You can start making submissions now on Google Chrome. Thanks for the patience.