Submit button is moving :)

please check there is some problem with submit button when we hover on it, button moves to any random location on screen also at time of login “Go” button moves

its so funny i think button says dear you have submitted a lot go and relax LOL :slight_smile:


This is just an Aprils fool prank by codechef :stuck_out_tongue:


i have same problem too

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SUBMIT button moves like around five or six times when you hover the mouse over it and then gets fixed in a position.
April fool prank maybe.

Damn , best april fools day prank ever !!!

Thank you admin this made me laugh my stomach out.

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hhh , it feels like , submit button is saying to us , “Catch me if you can”…! :stuck_out_tongue:


Message : "Contest starts in 2Hrs 50Mins ", even after 1400 submissions for 1st problem is also a part of april fool maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh It is showing TICK mark i.e. I have solved that question but which is not True :stuck_out_tongue:

You tricked us Codechef… this was nice one :slight_smile:

Now I seriously Doubt is this contest real or Just an April Fool Prank :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe they’ll come up with a Message this was just to make you fool Actual contest will begin from next Friday…!!

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That TICK mark happened for me so many times before also even though i haven’t solved the question :stuck_out_tongue: … that is a bug… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually a cool thing to see this April (Imagine in contests)…I thought its some bug or my browser’s screwed but after few chases i did submit!

Here is the secret behind the spinning submit button.