submission language

jdk 1.6.0_26
can we upload solutions using this??
which file to upload?? .class or .java??

@vatsa94 : You have to upload .java file . Its name should be “” and nothing else . You should not use packages . Yes you can use jdk1.6.0_26 .

@vineetpaliwal :
is it necessary to take input using an input file?? which language to choose from among the list while submission??

@vatsa94 : You should choose the language you are using . In case of Java , the option of Java does come up . Currently they have Java ( javac-1.6.0_12 ) . You have to choose this . The input always has to be taken from standard input and output always has to be given to standard output . You can test your program by creating an input file like input.txt and running your program with the command : java Main < input.txt ( This will redirect the contents of input.txt to standard input , like you gave the command “java Main” and then started to type input) . You can give command “java Main” and type input but when input is large and you have to repeatedly test your code , it is better to create an input file and redirect input using “<” like I mentioned above .