Struggling with DP

I am a beginner in dynamic programming,I am not getting how to approach problems based on it.What is the best source or reference of DP for a beginner?


refer topcoder tutorial and practice. if u stuck on any problem discuss on forum, we are ready to help. after some practice, u’ll love to solve dp problem :slight_smile:

In my opinion the only way to learn DP is by doing practice, here you can find lots of questions for practice, just read some tutorial like this for more refer this set.

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According to me TOP-CODER tutorial is one of the best way to learn/to have a rough idea about DP.First of all I suggest you to look at this tutorial and later some standard algorithms like knapsack,edit distance,…which you can find here.
See DP is all about practise,the more you practise,the more you expertise DP.I think the above knowledge is sufficient to start practising DP.Now coming to problems,you can find a lot in codechef,Top-coder,codeforces,…I am giving links below,some of the links have problems sorted in increasing order of difficulty:

Code-Chef (set1)

Code-Chef (set2)





Here are some of the links which may help you :

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