struggling with c++ program

i am student from iit bombay.i am struggling with c++ programming . i am not getting how to write program in computer but i am getting how to solve that program using maths.can anyone help me.

Try youtube tutorials to learn the syntax.

Or you can do this free course to learn c++ or any other programming language

Hope this helps!

Hey @psanjay523,

To get started with C++, I would suggest you to start practicing with pattern printing on the console, in that way you’ll get acquainted with for loops, if-else statements and other basic syntax of writing a program. After that if you are thorough with the C++ basic syntax and how that works, learn basic STL like vector, map and other things also from hackerrank.

Basic Resources - Website which i liked , for video tutorials I would suggest you to follow a playlist on YouTube as there are many and most of them are good to get started. After that you can solve questions on CodeChef beginner level and i believe after following above steps you are good to go.

Hope this helps!