STREETTA and SSTORY rejudged?

Can someone please tell me why the judge makes these changes without any notice or some explanation.
If you decide to reevaluate some problem please explain why (wrong test-cases - modification of requirements or somthing).

In the last period of time there are a lot of problems that are just rejudged without any notice and explanation. It is kind of frustrating to have been accepted for some problem and then just to find out that is incorrect.

If there is possible please tell what changed in order to reevaluate some problems.

It’s just a suggestion. People are leaving codechef for more reactive contest sites (admins more involved that can admit that there are wrong and explain what happened).

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Sorry, but there is “Announcements” part on the main page


My experience is, that when there is new announcement, I see popup (not sure if this was the case)… Yeah, I’d prefer e-mail rather than popup, but nothing is perfect :smiley:

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that was put there long after the rejudge ;). The idea was to tell why they did that - seems logic this way

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As @betlista said, the announcements appear as a pop-up WHEN YOU LOGIN to the contest page or refresh it, but, that doesn’t mean that they are put up much time later after the rejudge only because you notice it that much time later.

Rejudge can happen for a plethora of reasons… most common ones are updated test cases.

Ideally, both setter+testers team should cover ALL cases during the testing phase, but, that’s not always possible as there are several methods for solving a given problem and sometimes using one or the other method might cause some corner cases to be missed simply because they give AC answer on one method and WA on another method…

I’ve explained why my problem was rejudged here.



You asked:

“…why the judge makes these changes without any notice…”

so I answered, that there was a notice… To the reasons why - does it really matter? If your solution failed you know why - test cases were weak, if it didn’t fail it’s not important, just my opinion…

well you are concentrated on a problem - get AC - and then you move to the next one - it’s kind of “ugly” to turn back just because some cases where not added at the beginning of the contest.

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