Strangeness in BITFLIT v.02

In the ongoing contest BITFLIT v.02 there was a problem named “SUPGLRES”.

Everybody solved this problem including me. There was nothing such in the question. But after sometime, point of that question was removed and that reflected in ranklist too.

But in submission, it was showing AC. Whats the matter @admin??


in this question it is said if 2nd person collects more pebbles then only condition will hold true.
where it is said that if 2nd person collects more or equal no of pebbles then the condition holds true.?
more means more i guess not equal. but here the testcase are given as such that if 2nd person collects more or equal pebbles from 1st one then condition is true.
i seriously didn’t understand

The question was itself a bug… I think… :slight_smile:

In addition to your problem, I think there must have been a problem with the test cases. The problem clearly stated that "

the first line of input contains the total number of Avengers, N. The next line contains pebbles each avenger is having", however, I don’t believe the input was formatted properly in the test cases.

Here is a solution that worked: Solution w/ scanner

And here is my solution that kept getting NZEC: Solution w/ BufferedReader

As you can tell, the solutions are very similar, with the only difference being the use of Scanner instead of BufferedReader. The AC solution uses the scanner’s nextInt() function, therefore disregarding linebreaks. In contrast, my use of the bufferedReader means I must go line by line and use a stringTokenizer to parse the individual integers in the line. When I was debugging I found the NZEC was caused by this for-loop:

for(int i = 0; i < N; i++){ arr[i] = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken()); }

Therefore, it seems as though the test cases had everything either on one line or perhaps everything on a second line. Regardless, I based my input off of the given test case, a format that was clearly not used in the tested ones.

Can anyone else confirm this, or perhaps find the error that is giving me an NZEC.

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I didn’t mean that. TC was weak no doubt about it. A people already got AC but after some time submission was removed for no reason. It happened with everyone!!

It’s clear there were issues with the entire problem, both in the statement and the test cases, and they must have changed something part way through the contest. Hopefully we can get an answer from the organizer.

Yeah!! The question itself was a bug!! :slight_smile:

it was one of the worst contests ever held on Codechef… most of the problems were well known and poorly written. :frowning:


From the contest page:

Announcement from CodeChef: It has come to our notice that a problem in this contest has been copied from an existing problem. This is against our rules, and hence this contest stands cancelled.
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Very poorly written, i spent more time reading and understanding what the problem statement is trying to say rather solving it. well questions were easy too and i felt good after solving most of them. Exactly like hulk from the 1st avengers, where u are trashing a god in the stark tower. thats how i felt, Its better to feel like that after being frustated of trying to compete in coding. arrhh don’t pity me.

But, You know what was most irritating??
It was the dumb marvel and dc crossovers.Okay, there is a superwoman. ok, thats cool.but then avengers came in. Like wtf.

Pheww… i felt like i’m in arkham.