storing large number

how to take a number having 1000000 digit as input in C

void main()
long n;
printf(“enter the number”);

you have to take it as an array. you can’t store such large numbers in any int or long type number.

@simran1467, don’t answer if you don’t know it. You may lead the person in a wrong way.

long long int

it can fit i gues 10^19 digits

Long long int fitting {10}^{19} DIGITS ? Are you sure ??

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I believe it’s 10^18 not sure though

lol it’s not “digits” - max number is 10^18 @vijju123 just saw your bold DIGITS

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XD . Even python cant store a number that large. Leave python, even arrays cant store those many digits XD

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it can be store in string