storing large integer

how to store the integer of 10^32 in c? Is it possible? I tried maximum of storing 10^19 in c?
Is the storing limit depends upon different GNU library version?

Unsigned long long can store upto 18,446,744,073,709,551,615, which is 2^64 -1. That is because of hardware limitation (64-bit).

To handle operations on numbers bigger than this You will have to take them as strings and define different operations. I found this code couple months back which handle Integers beautifully but bigger the number would be longer it will take to complete operation because it’s not hardware level anymore. You can follow this post for more details.

If You want to store them in vector or array something, then you can store them as bigint which is a type mentioned in above code to handle big integers.

Hope this will help.

Give forums a search. There is a good tutorial by @kuruma on how to store such large numbers in C/C++