StopStalk: Tool to maintain your algorithmic progress

Hello Coders,

Hope you are having a great time coding hard.
Here I present to you a Utility tool - StopStalk which will encourage you to keep your algorithmic progress going by coding with your friends and improve.

It retrieves your friends’ recent submissions from various competitive websites (CodeChef, Codeforces, Spoj, HackerEarth, HackerRank, Timus and UVa Online Judge) and shows you in one place.
It includes lots of other features like - User streak notification, Global Leaderboard, Filter submissions, search problems by tags, Trending problems across these sites, Unified Todo list, View/Download submissions directly, cool analytics graphs and a lot more…

You can add friends who are already on StopStalk or you can also add a Custom User and start coding collectively by keeping a close watch on your algorithmic progress as compared to that of your friends.

If you want to increase your Custom User limit, you can share your StopStalk handle and you can get 1 extra user for every 3 users who register with your handle as Referrer’s StopStalk handle.

Register here - StopStalk

The goal is to involve more and more people to Algorithmic Programming and maintain their streak.
Also the project is completely Open Source - Github

Feel free to contribute. :slight_smile:

We would be happy to hear from you - bugs, enhancements, feature-requests, appreciation, etc.
In the end - Stop stalking and start StopStalking!
Happy coding!

EDIT: 8200+ users already registered globally :slight_smile: (Thanks a lot guys for your love!)


Also you can refer your StopStalk handle to your friends to get extra Custom Users on StopStalk

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A great tool for the likes of me. It will solve the most basic question - which q’s to solve? But, there should be a history option that may show us the coding streak in the past( so that we can follow great coders).

Hello aman935,
We appreciate your suggestion. Though if you have already registered and logged-in then you would know that you can send friend requests and also add custom friends(in case “great coders” are not on StopStalk). When you do so, you can actually get updates in your opening page about their submissions. Also if you open their profile page you can also see a calendar which shows the submissions on a particular day. The history can be also seen from the “User submissions” button and you can find all the submissions made after 2013. Hope this helps.

Awesome tool !

Great Work @tryingtocode

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Thanks :). An upvote on the post might be helpful :wink:

upvoted :smiley:

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Niceeee, you just made my work :wink: easier !

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Thanks a lot @darasa !!

Thank you!

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Thanks a lot @league95 . Please refer to your friends to get more benefits on your account!

We have reached 92 registered users with 91000+ submissions in the database.
We gift 5 custom users(instead of default 3) to 93rd user and also the 100th user.

Note: To avail this - you need to add valid handles of the profile sites.

Register fast :smiley: !! - StopStalk

Happy StopStalking!!

Thanks a lot guys! We got 100+ registered users and also 100000+ submissions in the database.
Refer more to get people on StopStalk and have a cumulative database of awesome problems.

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It seems like some one can send friend request to themselves. I am not sure whether it’s a bug or not!

alt text

This is what I did : I opened my profile with out logging in and clicked friend request button, then it redirected to login page and after log in, I got a friend request.


Thanks a lot @achaitanyasai . Indeed it was a bug. We have fixed it. :slight_smile:

Nice tool for a programmer.
Must check this one out. :smiley:

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Awesome tool!

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No more stalking needed, StopStalk is here! Thanks man!

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I’m definitely going to recommend this to my friends in college. Amazing tool buddy!Keep up the good work!

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