STL Usage

I’m looking for various ways & scenario of using C++::STL.

I’m not new toSTL but wanted to start using it extensively.

Please help me.

Currently, I refer STL from link: “

I need good and more extensive problems in STL and boost. Kindly suggest.

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@vgg25 here some good resources

  1. Tutorials Point STL,

  2. Topcoder STL Tutorial

When I started out to learn, I did not find any comprehensive resource. However these are helpful:

  1. SGI Guide The STL we know now is based on this.
  2. Reference My hit-and-go reference. This is such a good resource, I rely on it daily.
  3. The C++ STL: Tutorial and Reference This is the most comprehensive guide you’ll find. However many find it long-drawn and boring. So read this in conjunction with (4).
  4. Topcoder STL tutorials Two part tutorial. Covers just about everything.
  5. Effective STL by Scott Meyers Good book. But only after you know the basics. Think of this as a booster reference.

thnx rjohari and babhisek!!
These links sure gonna help me.

I need to learn more about day-to-day algorithms used in STL. Please suggest more to take a good approach to start with it.
Also, need to learn daily practice stuff of boost. Though boost link are more than enough it doesn’t talk much about its usage. I want to learn more of its usage. Please guide me on that as well.

Thanks in advance!!