start programming

i want to start learning programming in c++ and then want to jump to other languages so what are the suggestion as to how to start programming and where to learn i m what all to do…i am a beginner so experienced users please suggest me…thank you

you should first code these questions…

these are best to start with…
then start practice for easy problems…check out editorials…go for geeks for geeks,stack overflow sites to learn…
you can check out this link also…

It’s better to focus on one language, start learning c++ basics, and then move to some advanced tutorials, if you find yourself comfortable with c++ syntax try to solve problems to improve your thinking and algorithms skills.

Good luck & happy coding

For c++ learn its stl from It really helps.

Steps i would recommend:

  1. Take ad hoc question and try to solve it also try to learn new algorithms which can solve it efficiently.
  2. Try spoj it build confidence also try easy sections of codechef.
  3. Once you build confidence try to solve other (it means all) type of problems by following above steps.
  4. During all this learn data structures too.