Stalk your friends on codechef

I always visit my friends codechef profile to see what problems they are solving, how many questions they have solved in long challenge. So to automate this process I built CodeStalk.

CodeStalk lets you track your friends on codechef and sends email updates when someone in your track list successfully solves a problem on codechef! I have made the code open source so that people can help improve and add more features. For more info and code check the about section on CodeStalk I would be glad if people can put suggestions, reviews, bugs here.


Amazing! :slight_smile: Love the simplicity and minimal design. I wonder if you could add functionality for team submissions too ? Thanks :slight_smile:

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This is a very minimalistic version of StopStalk has way more features than this.


Yes CodeStalk was designed to only notify users without them being visiting website/profile regularly once they have added a username for tracking. Once you add a username, you receive email in case of successful submission with link to the problem submissions by that user. No need to visit website regularly :slight_smile: In no way I intend to compete with any website, made what i needed :slight_smile: Thought to share the same :slight_smile:

There is absolutely no need to compare both the websites as they are completely different. Its like comparing Google and Facebook. They serve completely different needs. Please do a proper research before commenting.

I wanted to do the same thing to get desktop notifications rather than mail

I have one new program in mind its a challenge program

calculate power of any integer value but power can be float like 2 power 2.5 with out using Math library

good luck guys

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Seriously, Google and Facebook? My “proper research” says you are influenced by the idea used by StopStalk. Proof: Idea and motivation by Shivam Kapoor - Shivam Kapoor profile page on StopStalk - And seriously the same front-end framework? You want me to believe this is mere coincidence? You took my comment in a bad way. I was no way criticizing your website. Anyway both the sites are open-source I guess. There was never a problem of copying the idea. I hope you add more features to it :slight_smile:

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