Stack overflow

Hi friends,What is stack overflow site all about how can it be useful for me?
Thanks for seeing my post.

Stack Overflow is the Number 1 Question and Answer site on Programming. it is similar to the codechef Discuss, but a lot more stricter and much better ( sorry codechef, but that’s a fact ).

On Stack Overflow, you can ask questions related to programming, but there are many rules that must be followed. Make sure that you read almost all the info given in the Help Center before asking a question there. A lot of the questions that are asked on codechef would get closed and heavily down-voted on Stack Overflow.

It is a wonderful site with many users who can help you, but make sure you search the site to see if your question has been asked before, and also post Good Quality Questions.

Questions on Stack Overflow are supposed to be helpful for future readers, so your question must be well asked and should provide enough detail for someone to be able to answer it.

Stack Overflow is also moderated by it’s members. so if you post bad questions or causing any other problems, the moderators might ban you from SO.

Myself being a user there, I welcome you to Stack Overflow.