SPREAD : APRIL 11 Long contest....I got WA??

I am getting WA…I have coded my solution as given in editorial still didn’t get AC

here is question link…click for question

here is my solution…My solution

here is Editorial link…Editorial

I have solved this question at spoj here my solution…which actually based on same concept BIT range update and point query
why this solution for this problemgive at WA at codechef…

Happy Coding

Hi rcsldav2017,

both question are almost same but there constraints are different codechef has larger value of all variables than in spoj so you cant go with int use long long no other problem seems because solutions are same :slight_smile:

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Yes Brother, you have to use larger valued integer datatypes, so you can use long long int.

It will surely work.

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it also does not work see here …