spoj: help

i have started doing SPOJ but there solutions of the problems are not available so please tell me where can i get them as i want to solve the problems which i am unable to solve…


SPOJ hides the solutions of other users. U can ask ur doubts in spoj forums or others like codechef discuss. Another option is to search online with the problem code(incase any user has written an editorial for that problem in their blog :slight_smile: )

Wishes :slight_smile:

Googling might help you find solutions for some problems, but it won’t work for majority of the problems there. Even if you do find a solution it might be too hard to understand as there might be just some code with no explanation. Practicing on codeforces or codechef, etc might be better as the problems will have editorials and whenever you get stuck on a problem for too long you can check out the explanation. Saves time.