Spamming in codechef discuss

In recent times, there has been a lot of spamming in codechef forum. One such example is this. Many random users have created account just for promotion of their product, destroying the very purpose with which this site was made. (Also adds are disabled here).

I request codechef @admin to look into the matter and remove the account of such users so that this platform is used only for coding and doubt clearing purposes.


@likecs, thank you for notifying us. We usually suspend the users whoever spams the discussion forum. Likewise, we have suspended the user commented in the aforementioned link provided by you. Going forward, we shall monitor the discussion forum closely and ensure that it is clean. Incase, if you find any spam posts, please feel free to notify us.


Thank you sir.

Here is one such

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Here is also another one: here is link


One more incidence to stop off -->link

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I suppose this is one of the fake ID’s and a spammer: Timir Shah(aka taylor89)

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