Spammers problems in Codechef Discussion

Hey guys, I have seen many peoples are misusing this codechef discussion form, Some of blacklisted names are still spamming or advertising this section regularly. So my request to all of you guys to please downvote such spammers or report all these comments with relevant tag like(Spam,advertising, not relevant/off-topic etc).

If nothing works after doing all above steps then you all can mail to codechef at with all the listed name of spammers.

Your all effort will definitely make these account suspended by admin ASAP.

Thank you!



Sometimes it just gets too much, like you open discussion forum and see 7 threads in a row spammed.

I mailed them, and constantly flag such posts, but one thing I wonder is that - Even after getting -83 or -100 karma, they aren’t banned. Admins do take actions, especially against serious things, but I feel that spammers are kind of…being dealt leniently. But again, I agree if you say that suspending their accounts wont help, cause its a new account everytime.

But there are 2 things I want to highlight your attention to-

Some of the spams are like

relevant stuff and spam links at end -
"Yes the problem is quite good… …

/end of post.

spam link1 spam link 2.*

while some are of format with spam links in between relevant stuff.
[]=spam link
*The best C++ book I encountered so far [help me write an essay] is Introduction to C++ by ___ "

I kinda feel strange about it, feels as if those accounts are hacked or some tampering has taken place.

Also, the only suggestion I could come up with, against spammers, was a minimum 3 karma to insert links in your answer. If anyone has a better suggestion, do tell so that we all can mail codechef. I think if we all give same suggestion, they will consider it with more weight!

i know its off topic, but I kinda cracked up at spam tag. (Q tag- spam. :stuck_out_tongue: XD)

Disable the link with 3 karma is not fully efficient. Spammers can use other alternative to spam this session by inserting link as comment or something like that…

If I am not wrong, commenting on other’s post requires more karma. It took me ~50 karma to be able to comment on post which are not mine.

yup! U can see here

Ya…so my point was that they certainly cannot comment the spam links.

Agree to this!