Sorry, my question isnt related to programming but willl feel delighted if anyone answers.

Two of my screws fell on its own from my laptop, initially I didn’t care much about it. But recently some damage happened to my laptop. Inspite of being in warranty the company is making excuses that since the two screws are missing therefore the warranty dosen’t apply to it and are asking for a huge sum to fix it . Now, I tried to search on my own for laptop screws , but all in vain. Can someone aming you tell me where I can find screws for my hp pavillion. Your help will be appriciated.


It is quite simple bro…!!

You have only lost 2 screws, let us assume when you recheck laptop you might found more screws has been lost, so consider this number as n.

Now, it is quite obvious that it might has been lost, and be somewhere on the surface of earth. Considering the Earth as NxN matrix. It has data as 0 if your screw isn’t there and 1 if it is there. You can generate this matrix by looking on Google Map’s data.

So what you have to do, is to make a algorithm which can return you coordinate of place where your screw’s are.

Hope it might help you.

PS : CodeChef forum is not to ask problems like this, and if you are really in trouble contact your nearest Repair shop.


I’m alive only because the planet is like a matrix, Else I would not live on this planet anymore ! :wink:

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i just hope he would have got his 2 screws till now…!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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@nui6293 any new updates bro…?? :stuck_out_tongue: