Sorry! from, I was not well

Hello, so it was almost a bed rest for 2 months for me due to severe arthristic attack. The mistake I made was I fasted thinking it would help create less acid in my body. But the fasting caused drinking less water and thus thick blood and so acid wasn’t circulating out.

So, due to my mistake I was not well. I have taken problems from setters. I would try to roll them out now one by one. Sorry! Also my mind has changed, I have become even more spiritual, in other words, fearless. I don’t care about money anymore, at least for now.

Something is missing about this code hustle, if it wasn’t then it was fun. It would feel exciting to not just me(even I am not that excited) and everyone around, and would sync in everything, I mean there would be no pain points in it. Why why! Its not that exciting and that fun, I feel the factor here is payment or the method or payment itself, am pretty sure!

I will open my heart and type now… next few lines… please bear with me…
"How about a system where people code their heart out and make their best lines of code and make visible to the world what they can do and then get paid for it! How to do it?
Then here there should be no problem statements, problem statements limit the mind. How about not having a limited mind or way of coding, but letting go completely and let the coders express themselves through codes! How to do it? Well, look at it this way, you code with a problem in mind. Now you code without a problem in mind. First creates solution to problems, second creates beauty to be observed. Then coding is like music! It would feel good! How to create such a system is easy!

The coder should envision something and try to create that vision using codes! Can be as simple as hello world or as complex as creating the poster of transformers or the next great love song using some speech softwares!! And other coders can fork, learn from the codes… and do the things like, rate it and get also hired in industry and you actually make money!!!"

I don’t know till that exclamation mark I wrote my heart out… it can be done, sorry got excited. Wait! Lets do it! i am excited now, lets build it! And stop this code hustle, however continue quickmatch to let coders know we exist!!! So upload the code and the output of the code. Two files! Oh damn, I will use cchost for this!!! Sorry, admins if swearing not allowed let me know, I will modify… eh I will already modify.

Lets do all 3. Code Hustle, Quickmatches, and expressiveCoding. No more fears. And that code duel too, I want to host at least one… Lets do that too! 4. Will be very slow in beginning, but yes! this is friction in beginning… slowly it will go and then it will flow, then it would feel good :slight_smile: yeap.

Now lets start!


CodeHustles both even more intense

ExpressiveCoding experimental site with a freelancing site attached to it.

CodeDuels really intense ones.

Anyone wants to do CodeDuels? Know more here

Edit: I found some redirect ads in my site :(, sorry about it… I will try to fix it. (fixed!)