Hi Everyone, I made a command line utility in python for downloading Bollywood / Hollywood and Punjabi songs by just typing their name.

To know how to install and use it or if you want to contribute ,follow the above link

alt text

alt text


nice job

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Hey, great job but there’s this small issue that you’ve built this scrapper on Pyth 2.X version, while for users on Python 3.X version the print command without parentheses is causing syntax errors on installation. Add () for version dependencies.

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Can you make the changes and commit on the main branch ,please?..
Actually I don’t have any idea for python 3.x and have not setup the environment for that…

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Sure, I was doing the same. :slight_smile: I’m commit soon.

nice job yaar

But it is illegal, isn’t it?

The idea is good, but you know…there are kinda rules in that industry

I think you need to say somewhere that your script is only for personal use and is restricted for commercial usage…

I am not sure how in the other countries, but in Ukraine you can listen music if you do not plan to use it for money earning and if it ONLY for personal use.

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It is illegal. But sadly in India there isn’t any action taken against these by the government so people don’t really care. It’s really sad :frowning:

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Yes it is illegal in some countries and I have mentioned that in Readme…and I made it for personal use only…

nice job man…