Some Web sites for contesting

Hi. Actually I’m a high school student and I’m practicing for improving my programming skills.
I’m looking for some Web sites for contesting in them.

For example:

Do you have more suggestions for me? I mean more Web sites for online-contesting.
Thanks a lot.


You are already aware of some of the best Programming Contest Portals. Some of the Other Programming portals are:

1.UVa Online Judge


International ACM Programming Contest

4.Project Euler

5.Aizu Online Judge

6.PKU JudgeOnline

There are many others also.But i think above list is more then sufficient. :slight_smile:


Top list is more than enough … SPOJ is one more :slight_smile: (perfect for beginners)

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I’ll link some contests instead of judges: (I think I’m forgetting some)


Annual competition. Very fun!

Challenge 24

Annual competition. Also very fun


Not only it has a wonderful training site, it hosts competitions every now and then. It starts around november.

SPOJ has a contest page!

High school programming league 2012/2012 is running right now.


Annual competition. The objective is building a player for a game.

Google Code Jam

Facebook Hacker Cup

AI Challenge

I don’t know if this will be held again there has been three editions, I hope so!

There’s a list!
This is thanks to ‘aropan’ of Topcoder and Codeforces


Another one is Infoarena:

Another Cool website ;D : .