some more homework

first of all I want to ask why all admin don’t answer the question the contest which has been in previous years? or other users why you don’t help?
another question about some more homework
explanation said that “The first 16 elements of b are” can anybody explain why the first 16 bit?

You always said that if you have any question please send to since 30.03.2013 I send a question but until now I haven’t get any email from you. I asked question but none answered why?

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bro… first of all understand that this is a non profit website… so ppl who run this site put in their own time to prepare stuffs, questions, and try to answer queries of others…

now in this sort of situation is very likely that they get busy with planning the upcoming events… or busy with present ongoing event…

so don’t expect admins to answer all your query … have patience they will do once they find time…

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@madhavan yes your right so I asked my question on the form that may be some user can help me. I don’t expect that admins answered my question.