Some minor issues associated with the contest page of LTIME37

Being a nitpicker in a positive way and a worshiper of perfection, I would like to draw attention towards some odd things regarding the contest page of the recent lunch-time contest (LTIME37). These are:

  1. I was able to solve the problem Square in numbers partially getting a score of 64, but on the contest page it is being shown as a completely solved problem (i.e. the problem title is green). Interestingly enough, this anomaly is also reflected in my profile where this problem is included in the category of Problem Successfully Solved instead of Problem Partially Solved. This seems to be the case with other users too, who have managed to score 64 against this particular problem.

  2. On the contest page, I find the values under the column Successful Submissions very confusing. In some cases, it shows the number of submissions getting a score of 100, but in other cases it is not so. Though, I am not sure how this number is calculated, for example, when some user initially got a score of say 10, and later, with another submission gets a score of 100, then (only for the requirement of the column Successful Submissions on the contest page) is this user considered to have scored 10 or 100? Or both? (By ‘both’ I mean will both the count for score 10 and 100 consider this user? This count is visible when we hover the cursor over any value under the column I am talking about).


Hi @snk967,

Thanks to bring it to our notice. We have found the glitch and have fixed it for SQNUMBF problem. Sorry for the confusion during the contest period.

You can read more about partially graded problems here.

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