Some easy problems with interesting solutions.

I am able to solve problems in CodeChef Practice (easy) but many of these problems are very easy i.e. cakewalk and require no logic at all while others are easy and boring. It’s very difficult to open a problem, read its complete problem statement and then realize it is very simple. I want to solve some problems in the easy (or medium) section which are not very easy to solve and require some thinking and algorithms and a different idea and viewpoint. Could you suggest a few such problems?


What you need to do is try problems above Cakewalk ! I would suggest to try solving questions involving data structures and Algorithms See this . Dp is quite challenging and requires good level of thinking dp here. Try solving Codeforces Div2 C problems and Codechef CookOff and Lunchtime problems apart from 1st most solved problem.

Awesome source for Dp problems on Spoj - Follow this

Don’t forget to upsolve contests ( Most important part )

Hope it Helps.

Hey @dhruvsomani,

In general, the problems which are easy and have an interesting solution are the 2nd problem of short contests [lunchtime and cook-off], they are easy to implement but they require logic and different and intuitive approach to solve the problem.

Listing few of them.

similarly many other problems. Codeforces DIV 2 problem b and c are also of same difficulty level you can try them also.

Hope this helps!

this codechef classifier will help you to find difficulty level wise question in codechef

Did you try “Rupsa and the Game” from beginner (you will know why i italicized it when you try the problem) section? If not, then do give it a try, you will love it :smiley: